About Us

Welcome to Robe Soldiers Memorial Kindergarten

Robe Kindergarten is a small rural kindergarten situated in the main street of Robe. We focus on providing an intentionally planned play based program with flexibility for children’s ideas and spontaneous play as we believe that this is they way children learn best.

We also have an emphasis on learning through involvement with nature and encourage our children to spend most of each day outdoors.  Our educators focus on building strong relationships with families, children and caregivers in order to best support each individual child with their learning. We aim to expand children’s intellectual, physical, social and creative capacities.

We also have strong links to our local community and these partnerships enhance our kindergarten program. We are co-located with the CCOWS mobile childcare service and adjacent to Robe Primary School allowing us to create meaningful links to ensure continuity of learning. Young children learn best when they have a strong sense of belonging, when they collaborate, problem solve and work alongside and with their peers and others in their community.

At Robe Kindy we strive to support children to develop their dispositions for life long learning.